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The Tribunal Council
« on: August 14, 2017, 03:32:33 am »
Those in charge of the families within the Coven are as follows:

Dmitri Darkshadow
Syriya deAngelys
Nykola Niyati
Landen Darkshadow
Ginnerva Darkshadow
Ash Devilschylde
Micha Dimera
Ezra Dimera
Kiefer St. Kegan
Orm O'Cuinn

These are the ones in charge within their families

deAngelys: Syriya

Darkshadows: Dmitri and  Landen

Niyati: Nykola

St. Kegan: Kiefer

O'Cuinn: Orm

Dimera: Ezra and Eros

DevilsChylde: Ash

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