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Places of importance
« on: August 13, 2017, 08:20:10 pm »
Just to give everyone an idea of what is within the room ...

The Dark Intentions Hotel and casin o
The home of the coven members. The public levels of course is the perfect place for innocent mortals to get their gambling on in the casin o, watch a show at the coven theater, or they can catch some showgirls dancing within the Haus of pain gentleman's club. Or stop by for some exciting night life in the Crimson rose nightclub where they can get their dance on. Or step by the marriage chappel and have a quick wedding! 

The large elevator is reserved for the family members- in the great upstairs there are several wings in private levels that allow the coven members their own wing. There is a grand common room for all members of the coven, in which members of the de Angelys, Darkshadows, St. Kegans, O'Cuinn's and Niyati reside (as well as a few others baring different last names.)
The lower sub levels are private as well and bare the dungeon as well as the labs. In which all kinds of scientific experiements take place.

Beyond the city....
Hell house of Soulreavers is sitting quietly in the middle of the desert. - The entire house flesh crafted in bone. This is where the Soulreavers plot against the coven.

Avalon is in a different realm beyond the earthly plane. It contains the heavenly realm in which the lady (goddess) resides. It is a beautiful place full of happiness. It appears as a medieval home one which technology doesn't exist. There is a small library in which people in Avalon can study about the earth and keep up with the times. The devilschilds (children of the horned God) reside within the walls of Avalon as well as the Dimera family (the oldest family known within the world/heavens.) Those two families are the only ones with the ability to open the gates of Avalon (as well as Damien Darkshadow)

The Abyss-
 The dimention where evil resides, It is beyond the 9 layers of hell, and is where the worst of the worst evil is created and resides.

The fates temple- Underworld- Abyss
This is the place where the fates were cast down unable to take caporial form and had to possess a vessle in order to bring about domination of the world. Here they do their evil bidding. Here they plot to take over the heavenly realm and conquer avalon.
Within the walls of Vahalla , the heavenly realm in which the God of All resides. Here you can only reach from going through Avalon. It is the level of heaven which connects itself as a mirror to Avalon. Most people that visit , do not return.
The Nexus...
 The Nexus, is a place where no gods can reach. It is a bridge between worlds. Within the Nexus, there are no houses, no stores, no need of money. Here people must hunt beasts for food, create their own drinks (such as River water: a concoction of alcohol that Gethin and Draven made together) - There are many wild bore, and other creatures - some that are unique like Lava demons that breathe fire, much like a dragon only with the head of a pig. This is where the new brood was raised.

Of course there are many other places within Vegas. The strip, parks, churches ect.

If you need a pd request please let one of the room controllers know so that we can get it up as soon as possible.

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