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Dmitri's bio
« on: August 13, 2017, 08:35:40 pm »
Dmitri was born unto this world to Nykola and Samantha De Angelys. Both of his parents were vampires, they had already had one kindred born child named Sonya but, they were so afraid of her that she was sent away rather quickly. So when Dmitri was born it was quite a surprise. At first Nykola was skeptical of weather or not to keep the baby but, one look in Dmitri's sweet eyes and Nykola couldn't say no to Samantha. Within a matter of 2 hours the baby had grown into a full grown man. He grew at such rapid speed that He looked like a 34 year old when He finally stopped growing. He didn't have a childhood. He also was very smart. He had the mind of a genius as well as a slight foresight into what would become. Though he didn't have full visions back then that would stay merely flashes to begin with.

It was prophecied over him that he would be the destruction of the De Angelys family. Minerva Starfurry once had killed him in fact but, he was brought back to life by his own father Nykola.
A long time passed and nothing happened. Dmitri got into his studies pretty majorly. He became a scientist and would plug away for hours at his work. Eventually creating a massive virus that could one day be the death of the family. One dark night he was kidnapped by the Soulreavers , or so he thought (though it was Micha who was still a De Angelys at the time) . On that fateful night the virus left his hands and would no longer be in his grasp. The prophecy could be fullfilled.

As time went by, things seemed okay for Dmitri. He had met a woman named Aurora and fell in love with her. Though she didn't love him as much. She left him for his uncle Kiefer whom he hated with a passion after that. It was alright though because by then he'd found Makayla who was prophecied to be his soulmate having jumped from past lives with him. Yet somehow they never did end up together and she even tried to kill him once years later.

Dmitri kept searching for something , it was as if he was lost in the world of his family. He was a faithful child. Though his father Nykola hated him from birth and would constantly abuse him. Regardless of his size and of being a man, Nykola was an ancient vampire. So it wasn't like Dmitri could very well defend himself. He took the abuse for what it was (love) at least that's what he tried to convince himself of. Though Nykola swore death upon Dmitri many many  times.

Years passed by again.  Dmitri decided it was enough and thus went out to seek a way to create a new family... The Darkshadows.

Dmitri was lonely, He didn't want to share his blood though because he was afraid of the effects that might happen on humans. Not to mention he really didn't want to kill anyone. So one day he went into his lab and began to play with shadows and dead flesh from one of the minions that he had to feed from. A strange thing happened as he molded the shadows into flesh. Ares was born. made of shadow and flesh . He fed on souls but, Dmitri thought he was an interesting person. Ares became his companion in the new life as a Darkshadow. The two would study together. Go through scientific research together. It was nice for Dmitri to feel as though he had a companion a confidant. Ares was Dmitri's creation. Ares was Dmitri's son. Though not of his own flesh but, of his own handy work. The two became unstoppable.
Dmitri had saved plenty of money enough for them to live a nice life. Something was missing though. Something that he couldn't quite put his finger on. Perhaps it was that Ares disapeared into the Abyss to seek out those like him. 

A year went by , and Dmitri had not heard from Ares. It was time to expand his family, but the perfect blood had to be created, it had to come from science, who better then a mage's blood to help him create the perfect bond between Tremere and Toreador. Dmitri went after a vampire named Devany first, She had Toreador within her blood, He fell desperately in love with the woman, and she in turn helped him to find Landen- a human mage at the time. They took Landen that night, and exstracted his blood, using ancient secrets that Dmitri had learned of the Tremere vampires, through study of course, he took Landen and Vega's blood mixing them together and drinking the mixture, in turn he became a new breed. A Toreador/Tremere hybreed vampire, At first Dmitri intended to only share it with Devany, and leave Landen for dead, but within a matter of two days , Vega convinced Dmitri to share the blood of life with Landen.

The three of them caused havioc for many years together. In fact they created new family members, even going as far as creating new shadow triad members, Rio, Kasumi, and Vic. Ares eventually returned to the fold happy to have companions of his own. The family grew and grew, only Landen ventured off on his own after having a love affair with a Succubus, who in turn fed him demon blood, and shoved the soul of an Incubus inside his form, causing Landen to become half vampire, half demon.

Years past still, and eventually Landen killed Lucious taking in the fates. Dmitri was livid, afraid for the family and so he took all of the chylder to live in the woods, in caves truly, but it is there that he found the first prophecy. It was there that he found "god" and it is there he decided to become a priest.

Dmitri learned quickly that there was more then one god thus leaving the priesthood and returning to what he knew - Science.

The family thrived for decades and would've remained a whole, but Dmitri's original father Nykola Niyati came to him and asked Dmitri to help him bring the family together once more, and thus Dmitri brought the Darkshadows home with him. Together Nykola using Landen's money created The Dark Intentions Casin o .

Which is where he resides today.

Now Dmitri spends his days in the science lab, trying desperately to free Landen of the fates, and save the world once more.

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