Author Topic: The Devilschylde..A Brief History (in progress)  (Read 8 times)


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The Devilschylde..A Brief History (in progress)
« on: September 09, 2017, 09:37:38 am »
The Devilschylde line stems from the split of a being known as ShadowLover a powerful demi God/Goddess. ShadowLover recreated Ash Mallen in her/his image after she had sacrificed herself serving her family at the time. ShadowLover what what akined to a succubus/incubus when it came to feeding though other emotions could be sustaining, sex and lust were truly fuel and power. She also had a duality of self in which she had both a male and female form with their own separate personalities. There came a time when power began to overwhelm ShadowLover and he/she split and became Shade and Shadow. Shade the male, Shadow the female. Shadow was taken to Avalon by her child Zabela and placed in stasis within the tombs of the island. Shade stayed behind to be with Ash creating the beginning of the Devilschylde line.  But being Apart from from his other half was causing difficulties and soon Shade fell into the long sleep as well leaving Ash pregnant with twins and new to her powers.  Ash was found by Zabela Matar shortly before the twins were born and the two grew close. Gethin and Lamia were born and soon Zabela took them all to Avalon for safety. Zabela had been a former Lady of Avalon and servant of the Goddess. Zabela was similar to ShadowLover in which she had duality of self, her other half's name was Matthew and with his help Ash had Harley and Quynn. Both Harley and Quynn were powerful seers and pledged themselves as priestesses to the goddess on Avalon. Quynn the more powerful of the two sadly is unable to step foot off of Avalon.

(I will finish this when I get home tonight)

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