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Nykola's Bio
« on: August 13, 2017, 08:51:03 pm »
NyKola was born in Romania in 307 B.C.E the son of a gypsy mystic of a large gypsy tribe in the outskirt areas of what is now Bucharest the tribe was an offset of the Ravnos clan many of the Ravnos in the area had come from this certain tribe Nyko grew up in a loving home for the most part…his father Dmitri and his mother Talia were kind parents as well as the head of the Mortal tribe..Nyko also grew up with a close compainion his best friend Zebella …a nagah..her tribe allies of his tribe he had known her sence childhood….Zebella and Nyko grew close..but both bound by duty to thei family..when Nyko turned 17 he married his wife Miksa and she bore him 2 daughters Illaria and Bella as well as a Son Nykoli ..when NyKola became of age after he was married and had spawn a few children to replenish the tribe by age 22 he was embraced by the Ravnos clans leader Tasha from then he left his family and tribe to join with his vampric family which was common for his family at that time. In which Zebella followed they became close…lovers..though Zebella’s parents did not approve..they all went off when the war with the Garou started..not allowing Nyko to join in the war…weeks past Nyko could be restrained no longer he left to the battle field only to find many nagah slaughtered coming upon Zebella’s mother and father..her father dead but her mother clinging to life told him with her last breath that Zebella had been killed…Nyko was never the same…burying both parents…the tribe moved on ...The Ravnos clan was just like their human counterparts nomads they traveled from place to place coning, stealing, from humans as well as the kindred. This is what they reveled in every ten years or so they would return to the human tribe to see about embracing others to the clan. One year NyKola and his clan were down in Turkey setting a con on a local Tzmisce prince and NyKola had come across a local gypsy tribe he had become infatuated with this fortune teller Elezabeta and desired her the problem was her mother a powerful mystic she had never trusted NyKola one night she had found him feeding off of Elezabeta and had surprised him causing him to kill her, and her mother was infuriated and cursed him that one day he would have a a child of his blood would be born of a dead womb and she would destroy him. NyKola scoffed at this because anyone knows that a vampire was sterile and could not have children. He dismissed the old woman and moved on with his tribe life continued this was for many centuriesin which in this time he embraced a woman named Joslyn..a powerful witch of her own gypsy tribe…shortly after that NyKola broke off from his clan bringing a few with him starting another tribe in the northern European lands embracing whom they pleased not just the children of their human tribe…Joslyn always his second in command…. they had come to Denmark in 911 C.E. they had met with a Toreador lord named Anivar and his chylde named Faye, Nyko had taken a liking to Faye she was cunning and cruel not to mention beautiful both Anivar and Faye were fairly young compared to NyKola Anivar could not have been over 700 winters and Faye well Faye was a baby she had barely reached her 171st winter compared to Nykola’s 1218 winters he felt this would be an easy con. Unfortunately Nyko was wrong the set up had gone wrong everything had gone wrong this infuriated him and then to loose two of his clan members by Anivar’s hand Nyko called for revenge in the depth of night Nyko among with some others crept into Anivar's home slaughtering him after Nyko had left thinking the people that he had left were going to clean up and take any valuables. he left his chylde Joslyn to over see. what he had found out later is that Faye had come home back that night. they toyed with her setting her out into the woods like and animal hunting her Joslyn had stepped in saving Faye and brought her back to camp caging her for she acted like an animal attempting to kill three of his people and would have if given a larger chance. Joslyn calmed Faye down in the months to come and even befriended her eventually Faye became like part of the clan traveling with them she was as good as the rest of them and one day Nyko decided to come out of the shadows that he had hidden in watching her and he befriended her. the friendship grew into love at least from Nyko’s point of view and eventually they were married she was embraced into the clan and then she embraced him to her clan they reviled in each others company for a wile and Faye seemed content with the life style that they lived for a time ruling the clan until one day Faye’s content ness started to dissipate and she became unhappy one day just before dawn wile Faye and Nyko were in bed Nyko had fallen asleep when he awoke Faye was gone he didn’t see her again until many centuries later when She and her two chylder Caspius and Aiyonna had returned to the European continent by that time Nyko had embraced a lovely girl named Eliza they were in the same town for a decade or so and then when Faye left the two he remained friends with Caspius and Aiyonna and had kept in touch with them through the years. Nykola continues to travel embracing young woman into his clan he kept tabs on Faye and her chylder watching from the shadows hidden from her and the other chylder he actually lead Faye to Syriya. he found Syriya a small child cold and hungry and felt she might be good for Faye and her maternal side he never thought that Faye would raise her to be the way she became but he always had a special place in his heart for Syriya along with another chylde Faye embraced named Jacob who he had kept tabs on, on a regular basis.  Nykola had met up with Syriya they spent a few years together before meeting up with Mayari and her son Aiden, from the beginning Nyko didn’t like Aiden thinking he was a ****y bastard and needed to be taught a lesson. Aiden had fallen in love with a girl in a French town named Janette and they were married. Nyko proceeded to take Janette away from him twisting her and finally one night Aiden had gone to far, Syriya and Nyko attacked Janette right in front of Aiden draining her right before his eyes. Tossing her lifeless body to Aiden Nyko said some choice words pleased at the horrified look of the boys face he then proceeded to beat Aiden to a bloody pulp until Mayari stepped in taking Aiden out of the cottage with the help of Syriya Aiden kicking and screaming threats and call for revenge all the way out the door. When Aiden had gone he went back to Janette’s body for she wasn’t dead but so very close and he embraced her. Nyko and Janette proceeded to disappear and travel. But Janette herself became twisted and she eventually left and Nyko returned to his visual of Faye’s other chylder. After Faye had left the twins Dylan and Brigit leaving Syriya to care for them he watched Syriya as she began to bring the family together making a home and a name for them. They called themselves the de Angelys’s Syriya had come up with the name she seemed to be pleased with herself she brought the family together the 11 chylder she could find well 12 actually when Nyko revealed himself to her she was delighted to see him again and he became kind of a protector for the family bringing his own 10 chylder Eliza, Regina, Magdalene, Ana, Lila, Talia, Athena, Natalie, Janette, and Sita to the plantation in New Orleans and introduced them to their aunts and uncles and so on down the family line they all took the de Angelys name and continue to do so. One day Nyko had heard of Faye’s reappearance from Syriya she was in a city called Necropolis and a pledge to the Starkiller family Nyko was fairly familiar with them and so he went there in search of Faye intending to keep an eye on her like he always had. He became employed by a business man name Charles Gottrelli and had
embraced another chylde named Samantha Nyko’s plan of having a low profile became obsolete when other de Angelys’s had flocked to the city as well at the news of their long lost sire and so he was made public another happening was that his new chylde Samantha was pregnant. Nyko’s curse had come back to haunt him Samantha gave birth to Sonya a beautiful and unnatural child in haste and fear Nyko sent Sonya to live with a friend of Faye’s an ex Starkiller named Romera to be fostered. So he traveled back and forth keeping watch over Faye and his daughter Sonya. When the family moved to Indy Nykola was there. It was decided on that he would be Lord of the family for he was the oldest. He accepted and ruled for a while pulling his daughter Sonya to the home. She came with her new mate a creature that he had never seen before the boy’s name was Devlin. Nyko disapproved of this boy from the beginning. But then Sonya left to go back to Necro. Nyko decided to drop it for the time being and stepped down from his place as Lord to go and find his own mate Samantha. Upon finding her, the family had moved to Detroit and Samantha was there. And so he returned to be with Samantha. A year later a blast from the past arrived Aiden had come back to see his Sire. Tension building as nothing had changed between them and now Aiden wanting revenge for the death of his wife Janette. And now Janette coming home as well. Sonya returning home also. Nyko forbidding her to see Devlin then meeting Devlin’s father a former Starkiller and friend of Faye’s named Gurath. They butted heads. He forbids Sonya to leave the estate. And told her never to see Devlin again. A few years later Aiden kidnapped Samantha for revenge about what happened with Janette. Samantha was returned and Aidens life was forfit and killed by Micha. During that time Nyko had come to find out Samantha was pregnant once again giving birth to Dmitri named after Nyko’s mortal father who at the time of his birth grew to full size in a matter of moments. After the birth of Dmitri after a little pushing from Samantha Nyko decided to ask her to marry him not only to be his mate but his wife..years pass…as things become rocky for Nyko and Samantha growing tired of her he moves to the arms of his other chylder for comfort..finally casting her away with the arrival of his other children..the Dimera’s..the mortal children of Micha de Angelys…business goes as usual… day…the link of the thirteen being broken…he could feel the wrath of Avalon coming for the night on his hunt a dark figure came at him out of nowhere attacking him from behind..he attempted to fight off his attacker but..this being matching his own strength…he knew who it was..Joslyn had come for save him and a select few from the wrath of Avalon ..that night he was reembraced..into the Coven of Tortured Souls…made fully Ravnos once more by his own chylde from long ago…soon the Trinity had come for the the bloodline of Faye had been destroyed..all his chylder with his former bloodline perished…except one..Sonya…having become as her mate Devlin unknown creature to him now….before the distruction of the family had come about…Nyko had also come to find his true love..a woman from far into his he grew up with and had loved more deeply than any other…her name was Zebella…a nagah he thought he had lost in the wars of long ago….and now…reformed in a way with Zebella at his side he embarks on a new chapter of life as a Coven member