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Radah's bio (in progress)
« on: August 24, 2017, 04:42:10 pm »
Radah was born into a very well to do family....her mother a woman of old money who had English/ Indian roots from the late 1800's when
england had control of indian....and her father a wealthy Romanian with an English education and up bringing Radah was the second child
of a very business oriented and unloving marriage...her brother Gideon was 5 years her senior.....Radah had been bron in India and lived
there until she was of age to be sent away to boarding school which was very common umong aristocratic society in that time.....she was
shipped off to school in Engalnd ..from age 4 to age 19 she had only returned home a handful of times...for her parents cared very little for
their children....Radah kept in contact with her brother Gideon through letters....and as they got older they would go on summer holliday
together the point where there were whispers about the conduct of the two siblings...When Radah was 19 her parents
arranged a marriage between Radah and an old slavic count who lived in the boarders of Budapest, Romania.....Radah instandly hated
her husbband who was very old and tended to be abusive......during this time Gideon had also been married to a woman of
means...though she mysteriously died in her 5 month of pregnancy ....there were some whispers that it had been Gideon who has slain his
wife and now he had moved to Vatican City in Rome as a cover Radahs 7th year of marriage she finally had enough and
murdered her husband after a quarrel....going quite insane during the process......dismembering his body and bathin in his blood...she
eventually burried different bits and pieces on the grounds of the old castle taking over all the money of the estate becoming
Countess.....soon after that Gideon left Rome and came to Radah as well.....shortly after Gideons arrival the two sibling relationship
twisted into incest and 9 months later Radah gave birth to their daughter Manoah....[to be continued]

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