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Lore (powers)
« on: September 10, 2017, 08:56:44 pm »
Lore of Flame

Fuel: The Daemon may fan existing flames, making them grow.

Ignite: The Daemon creates fire from nothingness, igniting a flammable object.

Command the Flame: The Daemon may manipulate the flames themselves. Fire can be moved, doused, or fanned.

Holocaust: The Daemon burns the inherent energy/power that makes an object real, rendering even a steel door to ash in mere seconds or robbing other Daemon of their power while hurting them grievously.

Ride the Flame: The Daemon transforms into flame or becomes part of an existing fire, gaining control over it in the process.

Lore of Humanity

Translate: The Daemon may speak with any mortal, regardless of language.

Insinuate: The Daemon make mortals feel they can trust them.

Fade: The Daemon may make people ignore them, moving through crowds or entering places unnoticed. 

Confession: The Daemon may make mortals reveal their innermost secrets and the mortals won't even remember spilling their hearts to the demon.

Alter Memory: The Daemon may alter a mortal's memories in any fashion desired. (Warning) The victim becomes mentally disturbed after being tampered with.

Lore of the Fundament

Manipulate Gravity: The Daemon may leap tremendous distances, hover, or fall without harm.

Adhesion: The Daemon may walk up walls or along ceilings, or cling to objects. 

Inertia: The Daemon may throw objects over tremendous distances, or simply stop attacks dead.

Manipulate Acceleration: The Daemon may move blindingly fast and pour their momentum into devastating close-combat attacks. This power is similar to the Discipline of Celerity (being the difference that Celerity does not transfer momentum to other objects or beings, thus not following the laws of physics). 

Manipulate Cohesion: The Daemon may alter the density of matter, allowing them to walk on water or evaporate stone or even flesh.

Lore of Awakening

Cleanse: The Daemon purify their target of all toxins and disease. 

Heal: The Daemon restore a body to full health, and may even heal aggravated damage with a touch.

Animate: The Daemon temporarily grant life to an inanimate object, and may direct the object's actions as long as they can see it. (Warning) The animated objects can become rabid, and will attack any living creature they can reach if the Daemon can't or doesn't control them.

Restore Life: The Daemon may restore life to a recently deceased body, and they might even restore a soul to that body. (Warning) the reanimated bodies can become rabid, and will attack anybody they can reach unless the Daemon controls them.

Lore of Wind

Summon Wind: The Daemon can call a wind from nowhere.

Fist of Air: The Daemon can manipulate air pressure in or around a target. (Warning) This effect can deal lethal damage to living beings.

Command the Wind: The Daemon may use the surrounding winds to manipulate objects as desired.

Wall of Air: The Daemon can turn air into a solid barrier.

Cyclone: The Daemon may create a massive windstorm. (Warning) The wind can suck the breath from any living being caught in said storm.

Lore of Longing

Read Emotion: The Daemon can read a person's emotions through subtle cues and act accordingly.

Empathetic Response: The Daemon can react perfectly to a target, becoming perfectly empathetic. 

Manipulate Senses: The Daemon may increase the sensations felt by a target. 

Obsession: With this ability, a Daemon causes the target to fixate on a person, thing, or idea. (Warning) The victim will have no sense of danger and will do anything to fulfill their desire.

Inspire: The Daemon can cause superhuman insight in a target. (Warning) The Daemon can inspires madness instead of genius.

Lore of Storms

Summon Water: The daemon can summon water from any nearby source, causing anything from a sudden concealing fog to a torrential flash flood.

Water Form: The Daemon transforms into water and may either flow or hover as mist. 

Manipulate Weather: This evocation allows the Daemon to nudge existing weather patterns, pushing away storm fronts or drawing them to her with surprising speed, and alternating the local temperatures.

Command the Storm: The Daemon can create or dismiss any kind of weather. (Warning) There are always negative side-effects, like a heatwave for a clear sky or an inundation for rain.

Invoke the Storm: The Daemon can surround herself with a raging storm at will, creating wind, water and lightning in an area as small as a room or as large as a city block. The heart of the storm is centered on the demon, and it moves as she moves. It causes her no harm, though.

Lore of Transfiguration

Mimic: The Daemon can change their voice and mannerisms to that of another.

Alter Appearance: The daemon can alter basic features of themselves or others, such as the color of their skin, eyes, and hair.

Alter Shape: This allows the daemon to alter the shape and dimensions of their form.

Doppelganger: The daemon becomes the perfect person for a target, exhibiting the mannerisms and form they want to see.

Shapechange: The daemon can freely alter any aspect of their's or another's appearance.
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